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Industry leading solutions for the road safety, civil security and ITS markets

Providing traffic technology solutions to improve roads, journeys and communities.

Jenoptik UK is part of the Smart Mobility Solutions division of Jenoptik, a globally operating technology group whose business is primarily based on photonic and optical technologies. Jenoptik UK's solutions are all based on automatic number plate recognition technology (ANPR), covering a diverse range of real-world applications for the road safety, civil security and ITS markets. Jenoptik’s Smart Mobility Solutions division is a world-leading supplier, with products and services constantly evolving to help make roads, journeys and communities safer around the globe.

  • 1979 First ANPR reader, used at Dartford for stolen vehicle detection
  • 1983 First automatic plate detection ANPR system
  • 1989 First Origin/Destination ANPR based journey time measuring system
  • 1996 First ANPR security cordon for a major city (City of London ring of steel)
  • 1999 First Home Office Type Approved average speed enforcement system – SPECS
  • 2002 First ANPR based congestion charging system – the London congestion charge
  • 2009 First Vehicle Certification Agency approved bus lane enforcement system
  • 2009 First Home Office Type Approved networked average speed enforcement system – SPECS3
  • 2015 First Home Office Type Approved non-invasive level crossing enforcement system – VECTOR LX
  • 2019 First Home Office Type Approved passively safe spot speed system – VECTOR SR


Our history

Speed Check Services (SCS) was created in 1999 to bring the SPECS average speed enforcement to market and worked as CRS’s marketing/delivery partner for this specialist solution.

In 2010, Vysionics was created following the acquisitions of CRS and Speed Check Services (SCS). Using over thirty years of practical experience, the latest generation of Vysionics ANPR systems used the very best in camera, processor, software and illumination technologies, providing general or application specific solutions for a huge variety of traffic monitoring tasks.

In 2013, the VECTOR integrated ANPR camera was launched, providing a highly capable, standard platform for the most challenging of ANPR projects. VECTOR continues to be the cornerstone of ongoing developments, with applications for civil & criminal enforcement, police ANPR and private sector car park management & access control.

Germany-based technology group Jenoptik acquired Vysionics in November 2014; through Jenoptik’s extensive network of regional offices and distributors, Vysionics’ market leading ANPR and average speed enforcement solutions benefited from exposure to this global marketplace. In addition, new devices and sensors became available to the Vysionics development team, opening up a new range of enforcement and monitoring solutions.

In May 2016, Vysionics changed its name to Jenoptik Traffic Solutions UK. A year on from the re-brand, Jenoptik acquired all shares in ESSA Technology, a UK software developer specialising in police and enforcement back-office solutions.

ESSA Technology, through the use of powerful data mining and analysis tools, interfaced real time vehicle information with operators’ data and objectives. With a long history in back office (BOF) applications for ANPR, ESSA had collaboratively worked with Jenoptik prior to the acquisition on several innovative traffic monitoring and control applications, including Police networks, weigh in motion (WIM), average speed enforcement, and red X monitoring, to name a few.

Following the introduction of the "More Light" corporate strategy in early 2019, Jenoptik continued to develop into a focused photonics group with a "More International" footprint and drive for "More Innovation".

Fast forward to 2022, Jenoptik launched its Agenda 2025. The core of this growth agenda is the group’s focus on the three high-growth future markets of semiconductors & electronics, life science & medical technology as well as smart mobility.

In the summer of 2022, Jenoptik Traffic Solutions UK became Jenoptik UK.

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