Spot Speed & Red Light

VECTOR SR is the latest enforcement solution, providing Spot Speed, Red Light and Speed on Green capability.

Customer demand lead to the development of an entirely new enforcement solution, based on a number of standard proven modules, implemented in a way that provides unique benefits for enforcement operators.

VECTOR SR uses a VECTOR2 camera platform, married to the proven FST3 tracking radar already in use in thousands of installations world-wide. This approach allows for a fully ‘non-invasive’ solution, requiring no loops or sensors in the carriageway. In addition, when operating in Red Light mode, the system visually monitors the Red traffic signal, requiring no physical interconnection to the signal controller.

The device is lightweight and low power, allowing for mounting on passively safe columns or existing street furniture, providing a tool that can be used more flexibly than earlier generations of enforcement camera technology. In addition, a video clip can be included as part of the violation record, allowing back office staff to better understand the immediate situation and environment at the time the potential offence was detected.


  • No requirement for in road sensors or loops
  • In Red Light mode, there is no need for a physical connection to the traffic signal
  • Large ‘dragon’s teeth’ road markings are not required for secondary verification
  •  A lightweight construction allows equipment to be mounted on passively safe columns
  • Tilt-down mechanisms can be used to reduce working at height
  •  Infra-Red illumination means that no visible flash unit is needed, which could potentially dazzle drivers
  • In speed mode, the device can operate in either forward or rear facing mode
  •  Up to three lanes of traffic can be monitored from a single device

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