Journey Time Management Systems

Jenoptik specialise in ANPR based journey time solutions, having delivered hundreds of JTMS systems around the UK.


Jenoptik offer a range of JTMS solutions, which can be used for either temporary or permanent applications. All solutions involve the use of distributed ANPR capture points, using either standalone integrated cameras (containing the camera module, ANPR reader and communications) or ANPR cameras connected to a local processor. These ANPR capture points then communicate over a communications network to a remote Journey Time Server (JTS).

Because an ANPR based JTMS system monitors individual journeys along a known link, it provides very accurate data for completed journeys, and is not ‘confused’ where there are multiple routes that may run in parallel – for example a minor road running alongside a highway. In addition, ANPR monitors all classes of vehicle, whereas other data sources may be skewed by a high number of commercial or fleet vehicles.

The JTS can operate in a number of ways, depending on the exact requirement of the customer. In general,the JTS is able to calculate journey times between capture points and can carry out a comprehensive range of data processing functions; for example graphical outputs, web browser access, historical analysis and many more.


  • ANPR provides very accurate, link specific journey time data
  • ANPR data can be configured to operate with Police backoffices
  • System design is modular, allowing additional sites to be included
  • Multiple software tools allow for a wide range of data analysis activities to take place

Find a solution that matches the requirements for your application: