Integrated ANPR/ALPR

Jenoptik are experts in ANPR / ALPR technology

Vector We understand exactly what is required to deliver real world, roadside ANPR solutions; providing the software tools, project management and civil engineering works to turn your requirement into a reality.

All of the thousands of camera installations we have worked on centre around the use of ANPR, monitoring vehicles as they travel along a road. Since we first invented ANPR over 30 years ago, our products and service have continually evolved to provide the best achievable solutions within this market area.

Projects will often start as a unique one-off development, which then evolves into an industry standard approach. Examples of this are the City of London ‘Ring of Steel’, SPECS average speed enforcement, and the London Congestion Charge Zone. Working with a single supplier significantly reduces the complexity and risk associated when taking an ITS project from initial concept to roadside operation, and this is particularly important when innovating, to avoid nasty surprises.

If you have an application that could benefit from our peerless experience, we would like to hear from you.


  • Industry leading experts in ANPR
  • A technology toolkit covering all possible applications
  • A large, nationwide installation and support team

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