Big Data Management

Jenoptik’s security solutions provide an end to end package, combining data capture devices with powerful big data evaluation and analysis tools.


The world is increasingly data rich, but time poor. Technology solutions provide vast quantities of information every single second, but without the right tools, the critical knowledge can be lost in the data noise.

Intelligent analysis of big data removes the time taken to study and evaluate information. Rather than manually running multiple checks on historical information, Jenoptik’s software tools do all of the heavy lifting, automatically providing immediate alerts or indicators on events that a human operator may never spot. This could be identifying ‘impossible’ journeys or unusual patterns in behaviour, with checks that can be run in real time and simultaneously shared with thousands of users.

ANPR is probably the most cost effective and efficient tool for targeting criminal behaviours. Behind virtually every crime there is a car journey, which means there is a trail of evidence between the criminals home and the scene of a crime. Operating as a fully automatic system, a criminal’s licence plate can be read, identified, compared against search criteria and alerted to a nearby officer in a matter of seconds. Without the use of the roadside camera, communications link and big data backoffice analysis, this check could be prohibitively expensive, both in terms of time and money.

A network of ANPR cameras sending data to a big data backoffice provides a wide reaching security network that can be used to deter and detect criminal behaviour, from terrorism to stolen vehicles and organised crime.

What does this mean? We turn data into knowledge.


  • Full end-to-end solution
  • Intelligent analysis in real time
  • Automated and immediate alerts
  • Alerts can be shared with multiple users simultaneously
  • Increased efficiency and accuracy

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