Non-invasive digital red light and spot speed enforcement solution.


VECTOR SR is a fully self-contained traffic enforcement system and holds current HOTA for unattended operation to capture red light, spot speed and speed on green offences. The system is easy to install and is suitable for use on any road type, from urban to highway.

VECTOR SR uses tracking radar for spot speed enforcement, or to identify when a vehicle crosses a white line at a traffic signal. A powerful and proven instation solution is also used to present speed and red light offence data to the back office.

Based around the proven VECTOR ANPR camera platform, VECTOR SR can unobtrusively gather rich ITS data for all passing vehicles, both for civil and security/policing applications.

Compact and lightweight, it can be installed on passively safe columns, fitted to existing street furniture or infrastructure such as gantries.

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VECTOR SR Datasheet

Features and Benefits

  • Fully self-contained detection system; only requires power connection
  • Fully integrated communications
  • 8kg weight and compact
  • Non-invasive tracking radar detection; no in-road loops required
  • Optical traffic phase monitoring; No physical connection to traffic signal controller, visual trigger on signal change


  • Standalone spot speed
  • Red light enforcement
  • Speed-on-green
  • Level crossing enforcement

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