Police and enforcement: mobile and in-vehicle ANPR.


TraffiMobile is a versatile ANPR alerting and searching application, designed to run on a hand-held touchscreen, or it can be mounted in-vehicle.

TraffiMobile‘s intuitive interface enables the monitoring of carefully selected cameras and locations, optimising the data presented to the operator. Alert criteria can be configured using pre-defined hot lists and filters, then matched against data from on-board cameras which is synchronised with Jenoptik’s TraffiData back office system. When an alert is presented to the operator, a stopped vehicle status can be recorded and an associated report text can easily be added via the touchscreen keyboard. TraffiMobile provides a full audit trail of the operators’ actions.

When vehicle-mounted, the application is able to link to the on-board cameras, providing live images and ANPR data on-screen. Video recording can be tagged for uploading to the central back office for evidential purposes.


  • Portable ANPR alert reporting and searching, based on established touch screen mobile device technology
  • Suitable for in-vehicle solutions, providing live ANPR capture and alerting
  • Synchronisation with TraffiData


  • Police
  • Bailiff
  • Parking enforcement
  • Traffic survey
  • General security

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