Quality ANPR data management & reporting though a centralised back office & management server.

TraffiData is a fully functional, web-based back office system, providing storage, matching and reporting of ANPR data. Designed to manage large and complex fixed site, in-car and mobile ANPR systems for high-end users such as police, customs and local authorities.

TraffiData is capable of receiving, processing and storing millions of reads per day, together with their associated plate and overview images or motion video clips. If required, this data can be archived and stored for many years.

Extended management facilities allow the user to intelligently purge stored ANPR data, enabling records to be stripped from the archive, based on specific rule or time scales. The design and architecture of the system is highly modular, enabling it to be customised and tailored to suit specialist customer applications.


  • Fully analytical capability, allowing post incident analysis and reporting, live and retrospective
  • Capable of ingesting 100+ million reads per day


  • BOF to BOF
  • Supports MS Server 2008(r2), 2012(r2), 2014 & 2016

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