Please find below your force’s Road Safety Dashboard, which gives you a visual snapshot for how your roads are performing, comparing them with all English and Welsh force areas.

Within these documents, you will find:

  • Police Force Road Safety Dashboard – prepared by Road Safety Analysis, using information from the DfT’s STATS19 data, covering casualty collisions that occur within your force area.
  • Average Speed Enforcement & ANPR Cameras – presenting the potential casualty reductions on your routes, if operating SPECS cameras, along with a snapshot for your forces experience with SPECS.
  • The Effectiveness of Average Speed Cameras in Great Britain – an independent study commissioned by the RAC Foundation, demonstrating the significant and sustained casualty reductions that are seen where SPECS cameras are installed.

These documents will allow you to understand what is happening on your routes and how you could potentially reduce casualty collisions in a practical and proven way.

We welcome the opportunity to share our considerable experience in this area, so if you would like to discuss your routes in further detail, please contact the expert Account Manager for your area, who is Nathan Howard, on: 07748 576184 or who will be more than happy to provide you with further information.

To view how roads are currently affected in your area please visit the Casualty Collisions Map – England & Wales