ITS Solutions

Advanced intelligent traffic solutions using ANPR technology

Jenoptik has a long history in providing leading edge ITS solutions that allow for more efficient use of the road network. With ANPR cameras at the heart of virtually every installation, Jenoptik has introduced new approaches that have in many cases become an industry standard.

In addition to the widely used speed enforcement and Police ANPR projects, the toolkit of cameras, roadside equipment and data management tools allows Jenoptik to deliver local, regional and national solutions covering a wide range of ITS projects. Examples include Congestion Charge Zone management, as delivered to London’s first CCZ; Red X monitoring, used alongside SMART motorway use with hardshoulder running; Weigh In Motion (WIM), operated by multiple Highway authorities to identify offending HGVs, project bridges and identify patterns of behaviour. These proven ITS tools can be configured in many different ways to provide flexible solutions that have a measurable impact on the effectiveness and safety of our road network.

We provide real time data that allows better use of our roads.

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