SPECS cameras represent the most cost effective and rapid to deploy casualty reduction tool available to Local Highway Authorities today. Over 100 permanent sites are managed by SPECS cameras, allowing casualty reduction teams to make a real impact on road safety, covering every road type from 20mph limits to high speed motorways. If SPECS cameras were installed on each of the DfT’s fifty identified routes, it is likely that even after regression to mean (RTM) and national casualty trend reductions, a 36% reduction to the Fatal or Serious Casualty (FSC) figure would be seen overall.

These fifty routes have been selected by the DfT because they meet a number of evaluation criteria, and between them overall, more than 150 FSC occur each year, on average. Based on the RAPTOR prediction tool, and the proven reduction in FSCs following the installation of SPECS cameras, it is predicted that more than 55 FSCs could be prevented each year, leading to a casualty reduction saving of greater than £20,000,000 per year.

The link below provides an interactive map, outlining the extents of the fifty routes under consideration. If you would like to discuss how Jenoptik could quickly help you to achieve significant casualty reductions on your routes, contact one of our knowledgeable Account Managers today – they are experienced in designing and delivering fit for purpose, real world solutions that work.

Interactive map: http://50roads.risk-map.co.uk