Permanent SPECS Schemes

SPECS Safety Cameras – A90 Dundee to Aberdeen

The A90 is a key part of the Scottish trunk road network, typically carrying around 23,000 vehicles each day.

Following a comprehensive review of the route, Transport Scotland decided to install an average speed camera system to help improve the safety performance of the A90 by encouraging better driver behaviour and improved levels of speed limit compliance. The scheme has also contributed a number of additional benefits including the reduction of incident frequency and impact, while also improving journey time reliability.

SPECS Safety Cameras – Lancashire

Lancashire Constabulary were looking to manage speeds through enforcement to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on some of the most dangerous roads in Lancashire.

Jenoptik delivered a pan-Lancashire distributed SPECS solution covering eight routes, over 46km. Initial evaluations have seen significant reductions in both road traffic collisions and associated injuries on all eight routes, with detection’s of excessive speed reducing on every route.

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