Integrated ANPR Solutions

Red X Monitoring – Motorways


A-One Plus & Connect Plus on behalf of Highways England, were looking for a temporary system to determine vehicles that had illegally passed under Red X (lane closed) motorway signals, to then send letters to drivers. VECTOR Z ANPR cameras were installed, with the data fed back to a hosted TraffiData back office facility.

The customer benefits were simple installation and management of the system, that didn’t involve the complexity of Home Office Type Approval. The solution encourages greater driver compliance with Red X signals via sending out information to offenders rather than issuing fines and licence points.


Weigh in Motion & Over Height Detection – Erskine Bridge


Transport Scotland required a solution to monitor the 44 tonne gross weight limit, and detect offending vehicles ignoring the high wind bridge closures. The system supplied incorporates VECTOR Z ANPR cameras, integrated with a weighing system, and a height measuring system, with data fed back to a bespoke hosted cloud based back office.

Transport Scotland are very encouraged by the data collected so far, and the possibility of further integration into the bridge management infrastructure. The system reduces the congestion associated with inappropriate HGV’s using the bridge.


ANPR Cameras, Weigh in Motion, & Back Office – Countrywide (UK)



Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) required a new intelligent ANPR system (camera and back office) to support and expand existing use of ANPR and operational targeting activities.

The provision of the VECTOR ANPR cameras, Weigh in Motion system, and TraffiData back office analytics, enabled DVSA to track, manage, intercept and enforce HGV’s utilising the UK strategic road network, providing significant assistance in the DVSA’s ability to deliver high compliance with the HGV Road Charging Levy.


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