Corporate & Social Responsibility

“Traffic technology solutions to improve roads, journeys and communities”.  This strap line captures what Jenoptik UK strives to achieve every day, in all aspects of our business.  Covering our staff and local communities, customers and suppliers, or road users and community residents around the globe – our business revolves around making the world a safer and greener place.

SaferJenoptik’s solutions are used around the world to reduce the number of people killed or injured on the roads.  Whether this is an average speed solution or a Police ANPR security cordon, our technology improves safety wherever it is used.

SmootherOur technologies allow highways and streets to be less congested, reducing the time taken to travel whilst improving journeys for all road users.

GreenerANPR technologies are used to monitor and manage vehicles as they use the road network, identifying polluting vehicles whilst encouraging driving behaviours that are better for the environment.

FairerJenoptik’s solutions encourage better driver behaviour, rather than simply catching motorists unaware.

Local CommunitiesWe actively support small local businesses operating near to our facilities, whilst contributing to fundraising activities for charities and youth groups.

CustomersOur success is largely based on our reputation and the strong relationships we form with our extensive customer base. Jenoptik’s clients understand our objectives and where possible, we will share and align our responsibilities with them.

SuppliersLong term, mutually beneficial relationships are vital to our supply chain, with shared respect and a fair approach expected in every business relationship.

CommunitiesFrom city centres to multi-lane motorways, national parks to highway construction sites, Jenoptik’s solutions keep millions of people safe every single day.