PACTS Road Safety Report 2017. - 20th November 2017

PACTS (Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety) recently held a Speed Summit and subsequently published a report covering interventions that are known to work in improving road safety and casualty reduction. 

The report includes information around the 2016 RAC Foundation research into average speed, along with a report into the effectiveness of the casualty reduction scheme on the A9 in Scotland, for which Jenoptik's SPECS average speed solution was used along the 220 kilometre route. 


The full PACTS Road Safety Report 2017 can be found here.

The 100th permanent SPECS installation goes live. - 6th November 2017

The B6232 Grane Road, Lancashire, is the 100th route to benefit from the operation of Jenoptik’s SPECS Average Speed Enforcement cameras.

SPECS3 VECTOR cameras are now operational for enforcement between Junction 5 of the M65 near Belthorn through to the A56 at Haslingden, covering eight kilometres of rural road with a significant collision and casualty history.  Highly conspicuous, passively safe columns supported by ‘Average Speed Check’ signs have been used throughout the route to ensure that drivers are aware that their average speed is being monitored.  In addition, unique VECTOR IR (Infra-Red) floodlighting provides clear night time images, even where there is no visible street lighting.

More information about Lancashire’s SPECS average speed cameras can be found on the constabulary website: https://www.lancashire.police.uk/help-advice/road-safety/average-speed-cameras/

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Jenoptik launches new products at Traffex, stand B22. - 17th February 2017

JENOPTIK Traffic Solutions UK will be attending the TRAFFEX show, introducing the innovative new VECTOR SR system, alongside their full range of advanced ANPR solutions.

Jenoptik will be showing a wide range of current and future technologies, including:

  • VECTOR SR – launching the new spot speed and red light product
  • SPECS3 VECTOR – the most widely used average speed enforcement system
  • VECTOR – introducing the latest versions of the highly successful ANPR camera
  • ESSA BOF – demonstrations of the powerful Back Office software tools

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Jenoptik acquires ESSA Technology. - 20th January 2017

JENOPTIK Traffic Solutions UK (a part of the Jenoptik Group) has acquired all shares in ESSA Technology, a UK software developer specialising in Police and enforcement back office solutions.

ESSA Technology interface real time vehicle information with operators’ data and objectives, through the use of powerful data mining and analysis tools.  With a long history in back office (BOF) applications for ANPR, ESSA has recently collaboratively worked with Jenoptik on several innovative traffic monitoring and control applications, including Police networks, Weigh In Motion (WIM), Average Speed Enforcement and Red X monitoring, to name a few.  

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Lancashire chooses SPECS3 VECTOR average speed enforcement cameras from Jenoptik for eight routes through the county. -                   9th January 2017

EIGHT routes where thirteen people have lost their lives in road accidents in almost six years (01/01/2011 to 01/10/2016) are being targeted in a bid to cut down on the number of casualties. The routes across Lancashire have seen a total of four hundred and six casualties with sixty two people suffering serious or life changing injuries since 2011. 

Jenoptik’s SPECS3 VECTOR cameras have been selected and installation work will begin on Monday 9 January on the first route, the A6 London Road, Preston, between the Capitol Centre (Winery Road) and Albyn Street East, with enforcement likely to begin around March. The seven other routes will have a staggered installation period with all cameras in force by the end of 2017.

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SPECS average speed enforcement cameras contribute to two prestigious Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards. -             16th December 2016

Two routes that have previously been given the title of “most dangerous” roads have this week scooped awards for their significant casualty reductions.  JENOPTIK Traffic Solutions UK supplied SPECS cameras to both the A9 Safety Group and the A537 Cat and Fiddle, contributing to the road safety improvements recognized by the judging panel.

SPECS cameras are now widely proven to have a demonstrable and consistent influence on driver behavior, driving down casualties through compliance with posted speed limits and a harmonisation of vehicle speeds where they are installed. 

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Independent research proves that SPECS average speed cameras significantly reduce casualties wherever they are used. - 30th September 2016

The RAC Foundation, supported by Road Safety Analysis has recently published results from a detailed study into the effectiveness of average speed cameras, looking at 25 years of data covering dozens of UK routes.

Significant casualty reductions are seen where average speed enforcement has been used, with SPECS cameras supplied by JENOPTIK Traffic Solutions installed at 98% of the sites studied by this research.

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Vysionics has achieved Home Office Type Approval for VECTOR LX. - 17th June 2015

VECTOR LX is a Red Light Enforcement system to detect and enforce red light offences at level crossings, developed by Vysionics for Network Rail.

Level crossings account for the majority of public fatalities that occur on the rail network, so Network Rail undertook a development project to reduce this risk through a number of targeted measures.  This included the development of a new Home Office Type Approved (HOTA) device that allows for automatic, unattended enforcement of vehicles that misuse level crossings.  VECTOR LX was awarded HOTA certification in February 2015 and is now operational at sites across the UK; the first ever non-invasive solution to achieve unattended enforcement approval.

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A SPECS3 average speed system helps the A9 Safety Group to secure a prestigious road safety award. - 10th June 2015

The A9 Safety Group has won the CIHT John Smart Road Safety Award, for a range of interventions along more than 200km of carriageway, including the implementation of 50 SPECS3 average speed cameras, supplied by Vysionics.

The A9 SPECS3 installation has been in operation since October 2014, and is already delivering impressive changes to driver behaviour.  Whilst it is still too early to report on casualty analysis, key performance indicators are already demonstrating that drivers have improved the way they use the route, which should ultimately make it safer.

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For a glimpse into the future of ANPR enforcement, visit TRAFFEX 2015. - 19th February 2015

Visit us on stand B22, together with JENOPTIK Traffic Solutions.

Vysionics are long established as leaders in ANPR and average speed enforcement technology, with TRAFFEX being the perfect opportunity to showcase our latest solutions.  Following our acquisition by Jenoptik in November 2014, visitors will be able to see an even wider range of cutting edge and innovative technologies on display.              

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Europe’s longest enforcement scheme shows an encouraging start. - 26th January 2015

A 220km long SPECS average speed enforcement scheme on the A9, Scotland, is already delivering fewer casualties, improved journey reliability and better driver behaviour.

A Vysionics supplied point to point enforcement system was installed between Dunblane and Inverness, covering 220 kilometres of road along this beautiful but notorious Scottish route.  This intervention will remain in place until the route is dualled, which is targeted for completion in 2025.  The first set of data illustrating how these speed cameras have influenced driver behaviour on the A9 between Dunblane and Inverness has been published today.                                            

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SPECS3 route enforcement scheme scoops prestigious road safety award. - 26th November 2014

A SPECS average speed camera scheme has won a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award, for a highly effective casualty reduction scheme on the A614 in Nottinghamshire.

The Vysionics supplied average speed enforcement scheme was implemented to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on the A614, a 21km long route and one of the county’s busiest roads.  Following the introduction of these measures, casualties overall have reduced by more than 54%.  The number of people being seriously injured has been reduced by almost 50% and -- most significantly -- there have been no fatalities.                                                                              

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Vysionics Acquired by Jenoptik. - 17th November 2014 

The international leader in enforcement technology has bought Vysionics, the UK based ANPR and average speed enforcement experts.

This acquisition by Jenoptik opens a new chapter for Vysionics, with a strong parent company allowing further expansion into international markets as well as introducing a range of new products to the buoyant UK ITS sector.                                                                                                                                                                

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SPECS3 VECTOR Achieves Type Approval. - 25th July 2014 

SPECS3 VECTOR has now achieved Home Office Type Approval (HOTA) and can be used for the enforcement of average speed offences.

SPECS3 VECTOR is the latest addition to the highly successful SPECS family of averagespeed enforcement devices. Unlike earlier SPECS platforms, SPECS3 VECTOR is a fully integrated camera unit with all of the camera, processing and communications modules built into a single, elegant housing.

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SPECS3 Installation on the A614 Delivers Real Benefits. - 8th May 2014 

A SPECS average speed camera scheme (the first ever contract awarded through the GPS Traffic Management Technology framework) is delivering real benefits to the A614 in Nottinghamshire. 

In January 2012, Nottinghamshire County Council ordered a SPECS3 average speed enforcement solution from Vysionics ITS for the A614, in order to address the serious collision and casualty history seen along a 21km section of road. Whilst Nottinghamshire had considerable experience in the effective use of SPECS cameras, this was the first time that the Government Procurement Service or GPS (now called Crown Commercial Services) Traffic Management Technology (TMT) framework was used to procure such a solution.

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