JENOPTIK Traffic Solutions UK works with all major roadworks contractors, providing temporary TASCAR SPECS systems, and temporary journey time through roadworks. 

In major roadworks, Temporary Automatic Speed Cameras At Roadworks (TASCAR) are usually part of the specification. SPECS cameras are usually used for enforcing the temporary speed limit to maintain both road worker and driver safety through narrow lanes, and Jenoptik has sucessfully delivered over 350 TASCAR installations. 

Journey time cameras can also be installed at the same time, for use in conjunction with portable variable message signs prior to the roadworks to give drivers advanced information on any congestion through the works.

Jenoptik provides a full one-stop service, including design, approvals, installation, project management, maintenance and support. All aspects of the work are carried out by our experienced staff and specialist subcontractors, ensuring that the systems are mobilised quickly and professionally, whist the main contractor need only have a single point of contact for these aspects of the works.