Ready for 20mph: 2nd October 2018

We are delighted to be exhibiting at the 9th 20's Plenty for Us conference in Cardiff on 2nd October. This will present a very Welsh perspective on 20mph limits. It will include the opportunity to look at how the new devolved responsibility for setting national speed limits could be used to create a more effective implementation of 20mph limits for residential streets than the usual local authority by local authority process. It would provide national consistency and cost effectiveness combined with local flexibility.

The conference will include speakers from authorities who have already implemented wide-area 20mph limits. It will look at the challenges and benefits from a national implementation. This will include Mark Ruskell MSP who is introducing a bill for 20mph limits throughout Scotland. Communities will also be represented.

The conference will also have a focus on public health benefits and the way that lower speeds and limits provide the foundation for active travel and other initiatives to promote cycling and walking.

 The event is suitable for local authorities, public health, NGOs, politicians and community campaigns.

Further information can be found here: https://www.transportxtra.com/tx-events/?id=2382