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Transport Scotland release A90 installation data. - 24th January 2018

Transport Scotland have just released early data for the A90 scheme, where 80km of permanent SPECS cameras are installed on this strategic route.

The report shows that since installation of the scheme:

  • 99% of drivers are compliant with the speed limit - up from 40%
  • 1 in 5,000 drivers at 10mph above the speed limit - down from 1 in 5
  • Harmonised speeds along the route length, not just compliance at the camera locations

The data in this report demonstrates how the installation of average speed as part of a speed & casualty reduction scheme has a positive impact on driver behaviour.

Further details of the report can be found here: https://www.transport.gov.scot/news/a90-average-speed-cameras-transform-driver-behaviour/